About Us

Our Mission and Values

The John Martinson Honors Program empowers students to make a meaningful impact in the communities they inhabit through integrated academic pursuits and curated experiential learning.

Our work centers around four major outcomes: Stoking Intellectual Curiosity, Creating a Thriving Honors Community, Facilitating Self-Exploration and Discovery, and, ultimately, Making an Impact in the World.

Meet the Team!

Dr. Becca Berkey

Interim Director

Casey Brown

Administrative Operations Manager

Clarque Brown

Assistant Director of Lifelong Engagement & Programming

Joshua Canning

Program Manager, Honors Student Recruitment & Communications

Emily Carchia

Graduate Assistant

Shaelyn Casey

Program Manager, Honors Student Life

Caitlin Corbett

Graduate Assistant

Jasmine Haug

Graduate Assistant

Dr. Patricia Lin

Assistant Director, Faculty Partnerships & Academic Pathways

Dr. Justin Silvestri

Associate Director

Dr. Brooke Tempesta

Associate Director

Angela Zhu