Meet some of the incredible students who make up our Honors community.

Will Hanvey

Studied abroad at the University of Tokyo and pursued a Global Co-op in Taiwan.

Ziven Lopez

Developed a Soft Robot designed to estimate its own position utilizing acoustic signals.

Danny Heinrichs

Created an experimental film featuring his friends at Northeastern.

Rupsa Jana

Received the AJC Merit Research Scholarship for her work on nanomedicine and drug delivery.

Yasmine Gomel

Conducted research on the positive predictors of long-distance relationships.

Skyler Cohen

Participated in a transformative Dialogue of Civilizations in Cambodia and Vietnam.

Pratika Katiyar

Recognized on the HerCampus x e.l.f. Cosmetics 22 Under 22 list for her writing and activism.

Krista Brochu

Created a documentary about her family’s experience with Alzheimer’s disease.

Zachary Hoglund

Presented his research on Alzheimer’s disease at an international conference.

Elena French-Nino

Works as a DJ Coordinator for WRBB (NU’s radio station).

Matthew Chavez Cruz

Created an affinity group for Latin American LGBTQ+ students (LLAMA).

Dhwani Bhatt

Overseeing the creation of a water distribution system in Uganda.