Faculty Opportunities

Create. Experiment. Innovate. Pilot. Inspire.

Honors faculty play a central role in the Honors experience inside and outside the classroom. Come join the Honors faculty which currently numbers more than seventy and hails from all across the Boston campus and beyond. We delight in working with the creative and talented educators on campus. There are many ways to collaborate with Honors including offering a one-of-a-kind interdisciplinary course in your area of expertise; designing and leading an Honors Dialogue of Civilization; mentoring students’ research or creative endeavors. Some Honors faculty are involved in multiple ways.

Through Honors a number of faculty have piloted new classes which have become part of the regular departmental curriculum. Or transformed pedagogical approaches. Others regularly mentor Honors students’ research or contribute to their overseas clinic. We are here to support you in developing any ideas you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.

We offer multiple formats for you to inspire Honors students:

Honors Interdisciplinary Seminars & First Year Inquiries

Small interdisciplinary seminar-style classes customized for students at different years in Honors.

Honors Dialogue of Civilizations

Enhanced Dialogues of Civilization in which all participants are Honors students enabling you to go deeper and expect high engagement.

Inside the Honors Studio

Small short-courses taught in an experiential and/or creative manner. Great for piloting areas of a future Honors Seminar or Inquiry.

Mentor Honors Research

Play a key role in realizing an Honors student’s success. Mentor research, whether through a faculty-designed project. Or one student-conceived.

Hear from our students…

“To date, my Honors Interdisciplinary Seminar with Professor Michael Patrick MacDonald has been one of my most impactful courses at Northeastern. In this course we read four books and used them as jumping off points in discussing social issues. As someone already passionate about working on social issues, this course got me even more interested and frustrated with society. I still talk about this course to my friends all the time.”

Zaneta Sulley, CSSH ’22

“One really valuable resource from the Honors Program has been the Honors courses, and especially the Honors section of Discrete Structures. Prof. Virgil Pavlu taught my section, and he was phenomenal! His lectures were great, and during office hours he would always introduce students into interesting material outside of class, even sometimes his current in-progress research work. Prof. Pavlu guided me on my way into research, and I ended up taking classes with him for 3 semesters in a row.”

Max Daniels, Khoury ’21

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