Our Community

Students learn the most from each other. And in Honors, we harness that in every way possible.

The life of an Honors student is a stimulating one. With so many opportunities at one’s fingertips— unique courses, global experiences, research/creative endeavors, and more— it’s great to have a core group of people to share these experiences with. In Honors, we help students to quickly build their social and intellectual networks by creating smaller communities, each composed of like-minded peers, faculty, and staff, who together make the university experience even more personal, connected, and fun.

Explore our community-building opportunities…

Honors Living Learning Communities (LLC)

First-year Honors students live together in their Honors Living Learning Community where they participate in a variety of activities to collectively explore their interests.

Honors Alumni Mentoring Network

The Honors Alumni Mentoring network connects current Honors students with Honors alumni to advance professional and personal effectiveness through supportive intergenerational relationships, professional workshops, and networking.

Leadership Opportunities

The John Martinson Honors Program offers multiple opportunities for students to become a leader in the Honors community, including creating innovative and inclusive programming, guiding other Honors students, and more.

Community-Building Events and Programs

From our annual learning festival (HEIST) to the Honors Book Club and engaging events in the Honors office, there are a variety of ways for students to connect with each other in formal and informal ways.

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