Honors Living Learning Communities (LLCs)

From their first day on campus, Honors students are connected through a Living Learning Community that is focused on a theme of mutual interest.

What is an Honors LLC?

Every Honors student participates in an Honors LLC during their first year. In addition to living in East Village with students from their LLC, students participate in a variety of community building events throughout the year centered around the unique theme of their LLC. These events are thoughtfully designed by a faculty or professional staff member serving as an Honors Living Learning Coordinator and an upperclass Honors student serving as an Honors Living Learning Assistant.

Participation in an Honors LLC is required to earn the Honors Badge.

Explore our 2023-2024 Honors LLC Themes

Creative Collective | Calling all artists, designers, makers, and collectors, this LLC is the home for everyone who shares a passion for creativity and making the world a more beautiful place. Students will do hands-on activities like pottery painting, DIY dorm design, and paint nights. They will also support local artists and learn about the entrepreneurial aspects of art making and selling by visiting craft fairs, art studios, and local markets.  

Explore Boston | Boston is a vibrant metropolitan area with rich history and culture and so much to see. The Explore Boston LLC will do a little bit of everything Boston has to offer, including things like visiting historical landmarks along the Freedom Trail, checking out Seaport and the New England Aquarium, ice skating on Boston Common, and much more. Along the way, LLC members may consider a variety of socio-cultural topics such as gentrification and differential access to resources as they learn about Boston’s many diverse neighborhoods.   

Film Crew | If your idea of a fun Friday night is grabbing some popcorn and checking out this year’s Oscar nominees or if you have ever waited up for a midnight premiere at a theater, then this LLC is for you. Members of the Film Crew LLC will watch films together and visit some unique theaters like Coolidge Corner in Brookline. They will also visit the sites of famous movies filmed in Boston and learn about the innovation, creativity, and hard work that goes into putting together this incredible art form.  

Foodies | Food brings people together on many different levels. Whether you consider yourself a “foodie,” like to try new things, or think that the keys to a great time are good friends and delicious food, this LLC is for you. Students uncover their inner foodie by preparing and sharing various cuisines found throughout Boston—all while learning about food from nutritional, social and cultural perspectives.  

Global Immersion | This LLC offers the chance to explore cultures of the world right here in the backyard of Northeastern’s campus. Whether it is the Italian restaurants in the North End, the thriving culture of Chinatown, or the Irish influences in Southie, Boston is home to a rich variety of cultural influences. This LLC may appeal to students coming to Boston from other countries, students who are excited to study or co-op abroad, or anyone who likes to immerse themselves in cultural fare and celebrations.  

Health and Wellness | Pursue a healthy mind, body, and spirit and embrace the values of holistic health and wellness. Students will explore dimensions of wellness, including social, occupational, physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Students may take a spin class together, check out a local restaurant that serves organic food, or de-stress for finals with a yoga class. Learning about what makes you happy, healthy, and connected to your body and others is what this LLC is all about. 

Hungry Minds | The Hungry Minds LLC offers a feast for the brain and belly. Students will enjoy monthly dinners with a variety of faculty members working at the cutting edge of their disciplines to address society’s greatest challenges. These stimulating exchanges will whet LLC members’ appetite to continue their passion for learning and intellectual conversations not only with other students in East Village at social events, but for the rest of their lives. 

Music Lovers | Whether you play an instrument, are part of a band, or just love curating the perfect Spotify playlist, Music Lovers LLC is the place to be for musicians and music enthusiasts alike. This LLC will attend concerts at a variety of venues such as the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the Institute of Contemporary Art, and Berklee School of Music to experience music of all genres. They also may form their own jam sessions, visit the instrument exhibit at the MFA, attend and perform in on-campus events, and explore anything and everything music-related that Boston and the NU music scene have to offer.  

Sports Fans | Boston is home to some of the country’s most beloved and impressive sports teams. Members of the Sports Fans LLC will not only attend sporting events but will learn about the history of sports in Boston, visit the oldest baseball stadium in the country, and learn about the issues of race, economics, and social issues that affect athletes and sports fans alike. Even if you are a diehard New York Yankees fan, this LLC welcomes you to share your passion for sports with other students.  

Technology and Innovation | Boston is home to some of the most brilliant minds in technology and scientific innovation, and students in this LLC will get to explore their interests in the world of STEM and all that the city has to offer. Students might explore the world of Virtual Reality in collaboration with the Immersive Media Lab or check out an exhibit at the Museum of Science. They will also learn about the resources available in their fields at Northeastern and connect with other students and faculty who love science. 

PAWS Points Competition

LLCs also participate in the Paws Points Competition. What are PAWS Points? PAWS stands for Post Activity Wrap-Up Survey! To build on the exciting activities and events provided through Honors Living Learning Communities and to foster student-directed learning, solidarity, and friendship, first-year Honors students have the opportunity to earn PAWS Points that can lead their LLC to win a prize!

How does earning Paws Points work?

How to Earn PAWS Points:

  1. Each LLC member can take an active role in helping their LLC earn PAWS points by engaging in Honors Living Learning Community activities and reflecting on them. 
  2. HLLAs and Coordinators will hold events and activities that LLC members can attend. At the conclusion of each experience, LLC members will be able to fill out the PAWS Point Survey.
  3. The University Honors Program staff will review LLC members’ reflections and photos. For each reflection that is thoughtfully done, the LLC team will receive 5 points. For additional points, each student is allowed to submit one photo per event with at least 1 other member from their LLCs (who can be a coordinator). For each photo, a team will receive an additional 10 points. Only one photo per student will allow points. Other photos can be submitted but will not contribute to point values

The LLC with the most Paws points will win a group dinner for the entire community!

  • For individual contributions, if your submission or photo is picked as the overall monthly winner, you will receive an individual prize pack and could be featured on the Honors Instagram page! There is no limit on how many months you can win.

Who supports our students’ experiences in their LLC?

Honors Living Learning Coordinator

Honors Living Learning Coordinators are faculty or professional staff members who help the LLC define and pursue their collective interests. Coordinators are valuable leaders in facilitating learning and exploration of the LLC theme.

2023-2024 Honors Living Learning Coordinators
  • Madi Bell – Senior Assistant Director of Violence Prevention Initiatives
    • Health and Wellness
  • Cory Berg – Director of Campus Planning
    • Foodies 2 – Desserts
  • Shaelyn Casey – Program Manager, Honors Student Life
    • Creative Collective
  • Matt Cote – Assistant Director, Athletic Academic Support
    • Sports Fans
  • Erin Curley – Assistant Director, Community Service Programs
    • Foodies 4 – Snacks
  • Nancy Figueroa – Assistant Director, Community Partnerships and Impact
    • Explore Boston – Blue Line
  • Hubert Ho – Associate Teaching Professor, Department of Music
    • Music Lovers
  • Chelsea Lauder – Assistant Director, Community Engaged Teaching and Research
    • Explore Boston – Green Line
  • Constantine Mukasa – Assistant Teaching Professor, College of Engineering
    • Foodies 1 – Appetizers
  • Varun Phadke – M.S. Operations Research
    • Tech Innovation  – VR
  • Danielle Remigio – Director, Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution
    • Foodies 3 – Entrees
  • Rebecca Riccio – Director of the Social Impact Lab
    • Hungry Minds
  • Salter Sharstein – Assistant Director, The Center for Intercultural Engagement
    • Explore Boston – Red Line
  • Katy Shorey – Assistant Teaching Professor of Philosophy
    • Explore Boston – Orange Line
  • Henoss Taddesse – Assistant Director of Program Operations, Center for Student Involvement
    • Tech Innovation – AI
  • Whitney Wotkyns – Director, Global Student Success
    • Global Immersion

Honors Living Learning Assistant (HLLA)

Honors Living Learning Assistants (HLLAs) are upperclass Honors students who support the activities of each LLC. HLLAs enrich the learning that occurs and help first-year students to build a sense of community and belonging.

2023-2024 Honors Living Learning Assistants
  • Rae Albus
    • Explore Boston – Orange Line
  • Satiera Caze
    • Explore Boston – Red Line
  • Cris Hernandez
    • Tech Innovation – AI
  • Caeli Jackson
    • Music Lovers
  • Sarah LaCroix
    • Foodies 2 – Desserts
  • Hannah Marks
    • Explore Boston – Green Line
  • Ignacio Michelena
    • Sports Fans
  • Zaneer Mitha
    • Tech Innovation  – VR
  • Zara Poon
    • Hungry Minds
  • Christopher Raymond
    • Global Immersion
  • Talia Richland
    • Creative Collective
  • Wonji Shin
    • Foodies 1 – Appetizers
  • Roshni Singh
    • Health and Wellness
  • Trissha Sivalgman
    • Foodies 4 – Snacks
  • Vithya Srikumar
    • Foodies 3 – Entrees
  • Kiley York
    • Explore Boston – Blue Line

Learn about becoming a HLLA

East Village Faculty-in-Residence

East Village Faculty-in-Residence contribute to student learning and development that happens beyond classrooms walls. Living among Honors students and other upperclass students in East Village, Faculty-in-Residence offer informative programming and support that enables Honors students to thrive.

Michael Hoppmann, Ph.D.

Department of Communication Studies

Professor Hoppmann is Associate Teaching Professor in the Department of Communication Studies and Associate Dean of the College of Arts, Media and Design. His research centers around three areas: Classical Rhetoric, Modern Argumentation Theory and Applied Rhetoric. Dr. Hoppmann is author or co-author of five books, including A Synoptic History of Classical Rhetoric (4th edition, 2014), Handbook of Rhetorical Training (Trainingsbuch Rhetorik, 3rd edition, 2012), Argumentative Competence (Schluesselkompetenz Argumentation, 2nd edition, 2012) and Argumentative Defense (Argumentative Verteidigung, 2008).

Jacob Stump, Ph.D.

Department of Philosophy and Religion

Professor Stump is Assistant Teaching Professor in the Department of Philosophy and Religion. In his teaching, Professor Stump invites students to live philosophically, whether by going out and trying certain things or by reflecting on one’s life as an ancient Greek or Roman philosopher might have reflected on his own. In his research, Professor Stump writes on issues of moral psychology in Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy. His main research is on Socrates’ project, but more generally, he is interested in the phenomenon of becoming a new person.

Housing Beyond the First Year…

After their First Year in the Honors Program, upperclass Honors students may choose to continue living in Northeastern residence halls that offer dedicated housing to Honors students. These housing options include East Village and West Village C.